Today, from my tranquility, I can perceive, clearly, how we are all so broken.
We are so broken inside, outside, on the sides. It is as if the breakages sprouted.
And, by this, I don’t mean a broken heart. I mean broken ideas, dreams, expectations, heads, beliefs, values, faces, we are all so broken, in so many aspects…
Seeing this I can understand a little more the rules of the game of life. Where logic doesn’t work and coherence is truncated.
I can see that there are families, friendships, in short, relationships, totally destroyed because we are all broken and we don’t see those fractures.
It’s just that I’m becoming more and more sure that I don’t know what people’s behavior is about, which, in essence, is totally fissured. Due to poorly healed wounds or lack of patience of our own or others, the point is that we are hurting through life and letting ourselves be hurt. With good intentions many times, pure collateral damage, disguised as good love… And others with the absolute intention of showing the other that I can break him, that he is fragile, that he is not special, that he breaks like we all break.
Today I realized that we are so broken that we cannot fully surrender to what we know will lead us to success or happiness (which for me are the same), being absolutely foolish, blind seized by instincts, completely confusing the path to freedom with the fear of achieving what we always dream of.
And, in this sense, undiscovered breaks are scary. Breakages that we don’t know are scary, because it’s scary not knowing where the loss comes from. If I’m broken, something spills, something doesn’t stay, something goes away, it doesn’t come back. And if I don’t see where every drop that makes me feel more and more empty is lost, how can I find the solution to stop losing?
This weekend a lot of breakups came to mind. And the curious thing about this is that many people (including children, couples, relatives) are damaged as a result of broken people who do not know about their breakages, who did not identify them or give them a name. And it was so graphic… By taking care of my wounds, I inevitably take care of others.
Where are you broken? How did you break? What idea do you hold that breaks you? What happens that you allow them to keep breaking you?
I think again that I am shocked by the extent of our breaks…

Thank you for reading.

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