And it happened that the PUMAS played a game at the Brisbane stadium and I went to see them.

I met several Argentines living like me, with work, it gave me hope.

I went with a family of Mendoza.

There I met Juli and we kept in touch.

She invited me to her birthday, it was in Byron Bay, where she lived with her partner.

Everyone spoke very beautiful of that place.

I went with a couple of Argentines and she offered me to stay at her house.

I met some really nice people there. And everything was easy and harmonious for me.

It dawned and I didn’t want to leave.

Then I found my wish.

It was there.

I moved within the week.

I got a job on the second day.

I lived in a hostel for three weeks until I found a home, a very beautiful home.

The beach, the lighthouse, breathing the sea, the rain, the sunrise and the sunset.

Koalas, parrots and tree houses.

The bicycle and my lunch break at the hidden cafe on the way back from work.

That was my day to day.

Paradise was my home.

And that was my wish: the simple thing, breathing and feeling home was my day to day.

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