Writing Broome still seems weird to me.

Broome is extremely rare: there is no middle ground to describe the intensity of its beauty and magic; I also don’t know how to put into words how heartbreaking it was to discover myself so exposed to pain, to the point of not knowing how to avoid or transform it.

I came back from the roadtrip with a lot of experiences and little money.

I had to look for a job and, honestly, I didn’t want to work in a place that I didn’t enjoy, as I had chosen in the previous job. I lived in that unconscious idea of, “you live in paradise, everything can’t be as nice or as pleasant as to also enjoy your work” or this other one of “I’m grateful that at least you have a job and you can continue living in Australia ”.

That idea closed many possibilities for me to find that job that perhaps was waiting for me somewhere but, “not my queen, everything can’t be so perfect right?”. And that absurd conception that to achieve what we want so much we have to go through sacrifice, go through a deep displeasure and, then, after having defeated the seven hells, and obtained glory in each of the wars that we ourselves create, we can see that ray of light that is the closest thing to heaven that we feel and believe we deserve to be.

And so I decided to get out of that idea and I said to myself: “Luci, now you are going to enjoy EVERYTHING. Because the world is there, full of tastes, waiting for you to savor it, waiting for you to embrace it with pleasure, and allow yourself to look through mercy lenses at all those wars that you created for yourself and that caused you so much damage.”

And with eyes of benevolence, of love, of super power, I put on my shoes and walked the red streets of a town dyed by the dust of the aboriginal land, crossed by a wet season that was not over yet; bathed in a sun that burned like hot swords.

Apply only to those jobs that I felt could lead me to enjoy them.

I said, “I’m never going to work cleaning again.”

My savings ran out and all my friends and acquaintances already had jobs.

And I was willing to find a nice job. Even if it’s temporary, even if I’m not going to live my whole life for that. I wanted a nice job.

One day Katrina called me from MLKA, a Human Resources agency. He told me if I wanted to do the replacement of a week cleaning Eco Beach. A sustainable Eco hotel an hour and a half from the place. Poor internet reception. On the beach. A paradise.

A week before I had been there. AWESOME place I thought.

I said I was NEVER going to clean again.

I said that I accepted that week to make the replacement.

You know where I got that NEVER.

And that’s where it all started. The beautiful, the transformative and the learning of my life.

I want to tell you about how this trip went in Broome, the people I met and the new person I became.

Broome can wait.

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