So on September 8, 2018 I arrived in Australia, after a 40 hour flight I arrived in Brisbane, the place I had chosen as home. In the first month I lived in a house with two Poles, a Frenchman, a man from San Juan (my friend Hernán), and two Australians who owned the house. After a week, Hikaru arrived, a Japanese woman with whom we ended up being friends.

I walked those steep streets as hard as I could and set fire to all the pairs of sneakers that I brought in those 25kg suitcase. I left more than 100 resumes, (without exaggeration) in different places in the city.

100% was NO. Zero work.

Nothing appeared.

Three weeks had passed since he had arrived.

I saw that everyone enjoyed their lives as travelers, touring places full of paradise, and I without any of that. Just sad looking for someone who would like me to work in their business, whatever it was.

And, even after all my efforts, everything was still NO.

Then I remembered that what happens depends on my energy, which was not put there. That I generate what I want for my life.

And my wish was not put there.

So I decided to go in search of desire, although at that time I didn’t know what it was, to open myself up to feel it and discover it.

It wasn’t Brisbane, it was another place.

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